I began working in construction in college, earning money while I jumped from major to major. As I switched from music to English to technical writing to design, I realized that I enjoyed building much more than any of the careers college was preparing me for. I dove into it full time and haven’t looked back.

The Team:

Great results are no accident – they come from a team effort. We include you, the homeowner, as a critical part of our team. In addition to understanding your expectations, we tap into the expertise of several professionals, from the architect, engineer, and contractor, to the suppliers, subcontractors, and building inspector.

Part of our job is coordinating everyone’s work. For example, we know that the efficient and timely completion of electrician's work depends on plumber's schedule. The plumber, in turn, may depend on the carpenter. And everyone needs information from the architect. Our good relationships with all members of the team helps to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently. Doing things right the first time and on time also minimizes stress and the final cost.

This philosophy of integrated teamwork is what makes our company run. We recognize that each person is invested in the project as a whole. We support being aware of the needs of other members of the team.

Our Approach to Building:

Whether it’s a simple gate or a whole house remodel, we understand that every decision has an affect on others. Good planning and a holistic, integrated approach to building are not just buzzwords. They are critical principles.

Taking the larger view allows us to create projects that stand up over time.
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